Trip Back Home and Thanks

July 20, 2016

The experience has been amazing for all the team and at a practical level we have a long list of ‘do and don't’. In reality you have to assume that nothing can be found in the village or nearby. The nearest "town" to Nimjat is Tiguntt, which is 50 km away with a track and no asphalt.

On the way back in the car the team was stopped at the half a dozen police control points. Every single policeman or soldier we spoke to had heard about Nimjat and our RPU.

We need to give huge thanks to the Winch engineering team in Mauritania led by Rino, who battled through every obstacle Mauritania threw at them, and there were many! We learnt a huge amount being here and installing the RPU. This will help us do it quicker and better next time. We want every member of the Winch team to participate in at least one installation over the next 12 months. You cannot truly understand what Winch does until you see the socio economic impact of the RPU in a village which today has nothing. It not only brings electricity, water and communications but hope and belief in the future. The village chief was telling our team that he has had many calls from people born in Nimjat but who left for the city, who now want to come back as they can have electricity and the other things the RPU has to offer. For the first time in 100 years they are expecting substantial migration back to the village. He has even asked for permission to zone the village and planning for 1,000 new houses. 

We need to thank the team back home who were a great support throughout the installation. Last but not least we need thank Alessandro and Fulvio, our tireless filmmakers! Unbelievable effort and we look forward to seeing the results! They will move on to Tanzania in October.

“The future is looking very bright indeed and we now know that what we are doing will forever change the lives of the people most in need. This is a mission, not a job and I feel very privileged to be on this journey. I know my partners feel the same.” – Nicholas Wrigley, CEO



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Winch Energy is a global energy group creating specialized and sustainable solutions for off-grid distributed power. We are reinventing power generation, electricity distribution and telecommunications access for the 1.2 billion people across the globe who do not have access to electricity, running water and communications.

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