TV & Internet Set-up

July 19, 2016

The wind has dropped a bit today but we are still getting the odd strong gust. At least the sand storm seems to have abated. The team has got the panels up in a record time and it helps to start early, 8 am. The local team worked really well and we have only 18 panels left to go out of a total of 54. The time for assembly is much quicker than we ever imagined with 2 days being very realistic.

Today is the hottest day so far; it is fairly intolerable, with the car showing 40 degrees. As a result gloves are a must when handling all the equipment.

Both the satellite and LED TV have already been installed and today we are turning them on. 


The TV has attracted a lot of attention and we believe it will become a central meeting point for the community. We’ve had dozens and dozens of children each morning demanding that we turn it on. Originally we put Tom and Jerry on for the children but that got a loud boo and was quickly changed to football!

The villagers are most intrigued with the Wi-Fi access, although at the moment we only have Bgan running, which is slow and cannot cope with many users. GX is set to arrive tomorrow. The only real issue surrounding the Wi-Fi is access, which needs to be restricted somehow, but that is tomorrow's problem.  

Initially some locals were a bit apprehensive with what we were doing. They are beginning to grow in confidence as they start to understand whom we are and what we are doing for the village.

LED Street Light 


The real support has come from the village elders who are men with great foresight and who want to see progress in their village. They want better lives for their children with access to proper electricity, running water and communications. These guys will really help us spread the message on the RPU throughout Africa. We have been extremely lucky to start with this village.


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