Panel Installation

July 18, 2016

We have some good things and some bad things to report to you today. The good bit is that the panels are going on as I write this. The bad bit is that it is blowing a gale and the guys are hanging for dear life. Sand is everywhere, in our phones, computers and every orifice of our bodies


First panel going on the RPU


The temperature of the RPU inside is holding well. Outside it is 37 degrees, whereas inside the temperature is a good 5/6 degrees less. The team is pretty confident that we don't need an air-conditioning unit as the fans work just fine. The challenge is to find the right filters to stop the place filling up with sand (they of course are in our luggage). That saga continues. Apparently seven of our nine bags have now made it to Nouakchott, whilst we are told the others are still in Casablanca. 


Progressing on panel installation 

The electricians are making progress with the line from the grid to the RPU. They are also installing the meters in the 20 or so houses, which have been chosen for this first phase. 


Drone shot of the RPU

 Line to the Grid



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