The Trip Begins

July 11, 2016

The RPU is set to arrive in Nimjat tomorrow, so it is now time to fly some of our team out there to help set it up. The group consists of Nicholas Wrigley (CEO), Rino Magazù (Chief Technical Officer), Leo Cavallaro (Construction Manager), Stefano Marsala (Electrical Expert) and our camera crew, Alessandro and Fulvio, who will be documenting the electrification.  


Flying from Catania, with a stop off in Casablanca, the flight took them around 12 hours in total. The team landed in Nouakchott, the capital, only to find that their luggage had gone missing. After a lengthily chat with customs they decided to go on without it (luckily Alessandro and Fluvio had some of their equipment on them, so the documentary could go ahead).




In theory, Nimjat is a 1hr 10min drive from Nouakchott, however, the roads are badly paved and many are submerged in large amounts of sand meaning in reality it takes a lot longer. The team had a military style truck organised to make their drive to the village a bit easier. 

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