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Remote Power Unit


The RPU7 is based on a bespoke 20 ft container, has a nominal capacity of 7.68kWp, a maximum PV Energy generation of 34kWh/day and a 24/7 base load of 1.3kW. 

Remote Power Unit

RPU 17

A 40 ft container has been used to design the RPU17, allowing for a nominal capacity of 17.28kWp, a maximum PV Energy generation of 76kWh/day, a 24/7 base load of 2.9kW and a peak load of 17kW. 

24/7 Power output
LCOE up to 60% below the cost of alternative diesel generation.
Lifetime of +35 years with limited maintenance  and installed remote monitoring 

Post Office

Winch has designed a remote post office for the national postal service in various African countries. Typical rural postal services include micro-credit and insurance, national identification, e-commerce and e-health.


A bespoke 40 ft container has been used to design the RPU30, allowing for a nominal capacity of 30.72 kWp, 135kWh maximum PV energy generated in a day, 24/7 baseload of 5.1kW and a peak load of 30kW

Remote Power Unit


Two bespoke 40 ft containers have been used to design the RPU100, allowing for a nominal capacity of 99.84kWp, 410kWh maximum PV energy generated in a day. 24/7 base load of 15.4kW and a peak load of 100kW

Internet Solar Kiosk

A 20-foot solar kiosk providing satellite internetmobile phone charging and retail services to remote villages. 

Remote Distribution, Monitoring and Billing 

Winch Energy’s mini-grids are best described as a decentralised and autonomous smart power supply, with power generation technology, storage facilities and smart meters, allowing consumers to connect directly to the mini-grid. Power is generated from solar PV panels, stored in batteries and distributed through a localised transmission system to customer’s smart meters. These systems are designed to operate autonomously or can easily be integrated with a centralised grid. As a result, Winch Energy’s mini-grid guarantees a reliable power supply on a 24/7 basis, consumer-orientated production and a localised transmission path to power consumer’s needs.

"The RPU has been specifically designed to overcome challenges associated with balancing demand and generation. It can also accommodate existing diesel generation as a back-up and can be connected to a wind turbine, combining this power generation with the solar array.”
– Rino Magazu, Chief Technology Officer

Rapid Deployment Unit


The RDU is Winch Energy’s alternative to ground-mounted PV plants, which has a rapid deployment function making it suitable for military purpose. 

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Winch Energy is a global energy group creating specialized and sustainable solutions for off-grid distributed power. We are reinventing power generation, electricity distribution and telecommunications access for the 1.2 billion people across the globe who do not have access to electricity, running water and communications.

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