There are over 700 million people across Africa without access to power. By 2040, the population in the sub-continent is expected to nearly double and energy demand is predicted to grow by 80% per capita.

The region has ambitious educational and economic development plans, an incentive to reverse the rural drift towards the cities, which is a massive contributor to poverty. These challenges cannot be overcome without increased access to affordable, sustainable energy and telecommunications.

Traditional grid extension is not an economically viable long-term solution for a large proportion of rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa. The time is right and the technology available to create economically, financially sustainable mini-grids to power rural communities.

The RPU can effectively meet growing energy needs and enable socio-economic transformation amongst the rural population by attracting medical and educational staff from cities by providing electricity and internet.

It is estimated that infant mortality lone could be reduced by 40% if rural clinics had better lighting for night time births. 

Winch Energy provides sustainable, wired access to power for 30-40% less than rural communities currently spend for their energy needs

For those currently unconnected to the grid, biomass, kerosene, candles and batteries are prohibitively expensive, unsafe and unsustainable power sources trapping communities in a cycle of poverty.

Winch’s RPU provides sustainable, wired access to power for up to 40% less than what rural communities currently spend on energy to date. Moreover due to the scalable nature of the RPU communities are not limited to the amount of power they can access which cannot be said about solar home kits.

Provides access to water on a localised basis by powering electric borehole pumps for centralised water supply. This avoids the need for women and young girls spending 480 million hours a year collecting water.

Winch Energy’s solutions enhance communication, which has huge implications for sharing important health, education and business information.

This empowers communities to become self-sufficient, autonomous economies and opens up an ever developing positive loop, where greater access to power leads to increased opportunities for education, commerce, employment and wealth.

The result is enabled communities that are healthier, better educated, more prosperous and better able to maintain a rural life and thus avoid the city migration.

The time is right and the technology available for mini-grids to come of age.

Off-grid locations for these industries are currently mainly diesel powered. Power generation using diesel is costly (often in excess of US$0.40/kWh), and the logistics of supply add further cost and complexity to such operations.

The RPU provides savings of up to 40% when compared to running diesel and does not suffer from the logistical and service related issues, also providing a better distribution of the electricity in terms of matching the load profile.

Typical customers of the RDU will be mines, utilities and big industry looking to reduce energy costs but unable to enter into long-term agreements.

Tourism, mining, agriculture and fisheries are the lifeblood of the African economy, yet cannot flourish without access to reliable, sustainable power sources.

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Winch Energy is a global energy group creating specialized and sustainable solutions for off-grid distributed power. We are reinventing power generation, electricity distribution and telecommunications access for the 1.2 billion people across the globe who do not have access to electricity, running water and communications.

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