We have a number of distributors of our RPU technology in Latin America, Asia and Africa. In January 2020, we entered into a global marketing and distribution arrangement with the ITOCHU Corporation.


Remote Power Units (RPUs)

Through our proprietary RPU technology,
we can supply reliable 24/7 power
and telecommunications services
wherever and whenever needed.

Winch Clinic

A mobile health facility fully powered
with reliable, renewable energy. It is designed
to broaden access to healthcare in 
urban and rural communities.

Winch School

The Winch School can accommodate up to 7 classrooms and a multi-purpose lab fit for 105 students. It can be equipped with PCs and tablets, lighting and air conditioning, VSAT internet connections and dormitories.

Winch Hub

A 20-foot solar kiosk providing
WIFI and battery charging services
for mobile phones and other
battery units.

Winch Dashboard

Enabling remote management for Winch
RPUs, the Winch Dashboard combines operating
data with customer and billing data to offer a
complete solution in one online interface.

Winch Smart Controller

Created to manage energy loads,
the system helps prioritise critical customers,
such as health centres, to ensure they always
receive power during low light conditions.